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{ Tiny Kingdoms }

My devotional last week talked about the tiny kingdoms we choose to build up and pursue in our everyday life, over the pursuit of the one true kingdom that should always receive our full devotion. I’ve spent the past week praying to not be consumed by my own kingdom I’ve been constructing, and that IContinue reading “{ Tiny Kingdoms }”

{ Resilience }

As I was hurrying to pick up my Chipotle the other day, I heard a woman say, “Hey miss, please give me a hand!” I looked around for a few seconds and then saw a sweet older woman struggling to get out of her car with a present in her hand. As I helped herContinue reading “{ Resilience }”

{ Off The Tracks }

It’s Christmas time, and in the Johnson household that means one lucky daughter gets to keep the holiday musical train set in her room. Usually, I would think of some reason to persuade my sisters just enough to the point where they would give in and let me have it. Except, one year in ninthContinue reading “{ Off The Tracks }”

{ Hidden Blessings }

You know that one day or that one moment that all of your built-up stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, and pure exhaustion hits you ALL at once and you feel like you’ve been completely destroyed in life? Call me dramatic, but that day was yesterday for me. I mean truly I have never felt sickerContinue reading “{ Hidden Blessings }”

{ Little Prayers }

It’s really amazing how a quick little prayer can change my whole attitude for the day. I’ve been more anxious than usual this week, and typically my anxiety comes and goes in waves, but this wave seems like one that not even a professional surfer could “take the drop” on (I had to look thatContinue reading “{ Little Prayers }”

{ The Final Wine }

No matter how many times I re-read the gospels, I find that I am always discovering new lessons or concepts that I missed the previous time. This go-around, my new discovery revolves around wine. Maybe it’s because I’m old enough now to where I can drink wine at a gathering or celebration? I’m not sure…Continue reading “{ The Final Wine }”

{ Mind Games }

You know that feeling when life gets so overwhelming and you don’t even know what to do with yourself? For me, I kick it full throttle and start going one million miles per hour, not even taking time to slow down and collect myself, let alone breathe. I get so caught up in my thoughtsContinue reading “{ Mind Games }”

{ The Cross of Calvary }

I have never thought more deeply about my life, than I did throughout the duration of reading “Don’t Waste Your Life” by the wise John Piper. So much so, that I got halfway through it and realized I needed to totally restart in order to unpack the pages of wisdom I had just read. IContinue reading “{ The Cross of Calvary }”

{ 45 MPH }

Have you ever actually driven the exact speed limit the signs tell you? I don’t mean just when you’re driving in a neighborhood full of kids and people on their daily stroll… I’m talking main roads. I did that today. It was a weird feeling. I felt like I was moving in slow motion, withoutContinue reading “{ 45 MPH }”


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