About Me

HEY : )

I’m Caroline!

Most people call me Caro

I’m a senior in college, on track to becoming a Pediatric Nurse because I adore children- mostly since I’m a kid at heart. The things I love most are my family, friends, my dog (Honey), sunsets, Zac Brown Band, peanut butter, and Jesus. I’ve always found joy in putting my thoughts down in words, so I figured I would start a blog to share what I’m learning in my spiritual and everyday life, and anything else I have going through my head. I’m no expert and you won’t see me posting 24/7 or becoming one of those famous bloggers (I’m not entertaining enough for that), but I hope you find comfort in my posts or relate in some way to what I write about.

Some favorites of mine
  • Favorite songs: You Alone (Seth Condrey) & Whatever It Is (Zac Brown Band) Recents: Promises (Maverick City) & River (Leon Bridges)
  • Favorite sport: Basketball
  • Favorite meal: Filet mignon with a sweet potato or brussels sprouts
  • Favorite book: The Hole in Our Holiness by Kevin DeYoung

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